Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Revision of Drinking Cheap

Word on the street has McCrobie's changing to a teen club with no alcohol served and Opi's Country Showcase moving at the end of the year to the old Shaker's/Chaser's/Shananagin's/Disco Mania 2000 and make it a steakhouse(?).  The building is owned by Michael Hou.  Hou just bought the shopping center where the old East Rome Kroger use to be.  He has big plans for three restaurants with the return of Hooters.  The Kroger building is still owned by Kroger.  No plans have been made for it yet.  (I know a great business deal to get into if you knew the right angle. Answer this question:  What to do with all the empty Kroger buildings?) No word about the Peach Palace other than they are trying to sell.  Broad St. is dwindling fast as an after hours entertainment spot.

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