Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gas Prices In Rome

I am sure by now that if you have traveled outside Rome to surrounding cities, you have to have noticed that the prices of gas are ALWAYS cheaper.  I cannot believe that the citizens of Rome have not questioned this.  I call this price fixing and that is the way I addressed it to the office of Consumer Affairs.  Here is what they told me.

First off they asked me why I felt that way.  I told them about surrounding cities having cheaper prices consistently.  The representative started to lecture me on supply and demand.  I had to assure him that I was fully aware of supply and demand.  He then told me that actually there was nothing they could do unless it was after some natural disaster and then an immediate rise in prices.  I asked him about any other options. He had none.

So basically it all starts here.

Write your comments and with enough of you we might just be able to get the cheap gas that others around us have.  After all, we are not Atlanta!

I know boycotting is an option however I would rather "fire a warning shot" before we had to get drastic.

But if you have seen the difference in prices at our pumps vs. outside of Floyd County, GA then you must write in and give us your opinion about how to stop this "gauging" I feel is going on.

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