Friday, October 9, 2009

Roofing Companies

Well if you haven't got a new roof yet, why not? Well maybe it's because of the onslaught of out-of- town roofers that have blanketed our area. You've heard the horror stories. Now share them with the world! If you don't have a new roof then heed these warnings!
I actually had a job being a stormchaser after Andrew in the Miami/Homestead area. First off, I had no idea about the roofing business. I just went down because a best friend from high school called and said her husband needed help and since I had the opportunity, I did it. Well, needless to say, I had know idea what I was getting into. I just saw $$$. Well I stayed there for close to a year and learned about the business. Things were popping up that I didn't exactly agree.
- We were a "Local" company only to find out that in fact they bought the rights to a local roofing business that had gone out of business but still had a Yellow Page ad. It said "Locally Owned and Operated Since 1978." Heck the dude I worked for was from South Carolina.
- "We have plenty of crews!" Yeah, they would hire them off other roofs. So you get their insurance money and split.
- We guarantee the roof for 3 years. Screw a guarantee. They were going to be long gone by then and wouldn't honor it.
To their credit they didn't really hire off a roof as some companies did. But I new in my heart of hearts that they could just up-and-leave never to be heard from again.(oh, except it has shown up on my resume before- you know... sales experience.)
Now how could you do this to people who have lost most of everything they have, I asked myself. Well, I couldn't!
The best part about it was spending 8 months in South Beach living in Coral Gables. That was the life but my conscious got a hold of good judgment and I left leaving a lot of money on the table.
One week later after I left the sun and fun of South Florida, I was waist high in snow in Rome, GA. (You all remember that!!!)
With no regrets.
Quickly I would like to tell you of what it is like to be at "ground zero" of a Cat 4/5 hurricane. Very few house are intact if they even managed to survive the hurricane. Garbage was piled in a long line down the street that had to be over 15 high and several miles long. You would see everything from teddy bears and kids pictures to heirloom furniture and family portraits. And to talk these homeowners... WOW! People that had lost it all but were rebuilding. Remarkable people to say the least. It was quite something to experience. Pictures or the media can't convey the actually feelings down in the "trenches." I am glad I experienced it.
So anyways that was my days of being a "stormchaser" even though I had no idea that the profession I had chose.

Ok so here's the long and short of it. Heed this advice when trying to find a legitimate roofing companies:

Do Your Due Dilligence
> Check to see if they really are "local." Not just a local phone number and address.
> See how long they have been in business. Not what they say but check it out for yourself.
> Make sure they are insured up to $2 million and request a copy of their policy.
> Don't show them your insurance policy quote. Make them bid the roof.
> Ask for references. Follow up on these references.
>Make sure you get a written estimate with all the materials need. See if they match up to your insurance quote.

So write your experiences or advice and let us know what is going on out there in the roofing world in Rome, GA.


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