Friday, October 9, 2009

What's this blog all about?

This is a blog about shopping experiences in Rome. It is designed to get better service in Rome. Every couple of days or so I will write about my experiences and observations with companies doing business in Rome. I hope that you will respond with your own experiences to help inform others. Before you know it, we will get great service and hence have more visitors to our area because of it. Can you say SPLOST booster! It may even bring down our taxes. Ok... at least maybe they wont increase as fast.
So here's how it goes. I will write about my experiences and observations for the day, blogging about every business encounter of the day. Now I know that every one has a bad day, but if it reoccurs you will sure hear about it. My intent is not malicious in any way. It is to get more out of our dollar for the service we deserve.
In other words, bring that hometown hospitality value back.

I want us to use this as a forum for all services. If you encounter someone or something that you noticed about a business, please post it. Tell the good as well as the bad. Together we can ferret out the "impostors" IE the bad businesses and find the people that really want our business. When we write, it will put notification out to management as well as ownership on how their business is doing and hopefully make any necessary adjustments. It's a win-win for both sides.
Perhaps you will even employ companies you have never dealt with just because of the positive posts. Or maybe you will no longer use a business because of the continuous negative feedback from posts.
I run into something everyday. Whether its the way the place looks or the way the employees act. I just don't understand why people can not smile, greet and treat a customer the same way they did years ago. I know times change but heck service shouldn't decline.
Now some of you may use this as a venting board. That is fine however I hope that the information you give us is accurate and is not malicious in nature. If you got fired from a job, post why but don't bash the business. Just tell us - once you have taken a few deep breaths - what the problem was.
Now here's the other deal. There will be people writing in about businesses with whom they have a personal connection. So when reading over the posts, please keep in mind the validity of the poster. After a while, there will be many of the same posters and you can determine which one seems credible.
I, on the other hand, promise to print nothing but the truth- my experiences as well as observations - just as they occurred.

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